LBP guest reading at Royal Festival Hall London Southbank

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was great to meet all the wonderful people at NOTSHUTUP and The Writers In Prison Network. I was completely blown away by the talented writers present and still behind bars it was a real honour to be invited to read and excerpt from LBP.

Couldn’t help but try to live up to my mission to be the most promotable author of 2012 by printing all my details of the book the Koestler Platinum award the blog address and twitter account for the audience who were kind enough to take my card. I was even more surprised by the well wishers after I had read as I was on last and always think I should have done this or that better. I appreciate all your positive feedback thank you to you all.

I had time to look at the exhibition and found some excellent potential collaborators for the jacket cover. I have the idea of collaborating with one of my fellow prisoners who also won a Koestler Award for their artistic pieces, will get onto Vikki at Koestler and see if she can help me with this.

Looking forward to being back at the Southbank next week Sat Nov 5th  with my daughter and Dad to receive the award something positive for them to see me doing for once!!

  1. Jacqui says:

    You were brilliant! Loved it! Are you on Facebook or just twittering?? Look me up – Shnooks Sedders!

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