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I love getting published…….it’s always a buzz when you have found the right contact sent the details played telephone tennis and sent everything across…..and then it goes dead for two weeks and you think “Shit I’ve blown it”

Even then  I’m relentless and unless I’m told NO GOOD  from the horse’s mouth I assume the email has got lost or the contact has been hit by a bus whilst suffering a severe man flu,  never that they don’t want to publish

Huffington Post was nothing like that of course silky smooth from unsolicited email to joining the Huffington Blog team thanks for bringing me into the fold Luke your a legend here’s the link


Well I have had a few challenges with uploading the front cover to my blog (you may have noticed apologies) fortunately my publisher have no such trouble so here it is folks

A massive thank you to Amber Jefferson Grant for creating the design….. can you guess who I am in the picture?

Well what can I say LBP has only been out there for a month and already we have orders for the book thanks to Alex at Waterside for getting the info on the site so fast. I’ve been busy making contact with organisations around the prison sector and have had a fantastic response from the following

UNLOCK, Prisoner Education Trust, StoryBook Dads, ChurchTimes, NOTSHUTUP, Writers In Prison Network, Clinks, Prison Reform Trust, The Magistrates Association, No Offence, St Giles Trust, Infomag, Criminal Justice Alliance, Howard League, Caring for Ex-offenders, Probation Association, NAPAC, Affect, Criminal Justice Association, Drugscope, Drink and Drugs News, Transform and Re-think.

A special thanks to Matthew at Sabotage Times for running the latest article lots of people coming to the blog and twitter from this…Fantastic!!

I was delighted with the response from the CEO of Koestler Trust Tim Robertson not only have I got the award but also the CEO is a fan of The Little Book of Prison A Beginners Guide this is what Tim had to say…..

“Our awards judges don’t give a Platinum Award lightly, and this book is a winner on more than one level.  It is a practical and totally frank  introduction to real life in the British prison system – probably the best introduction there is.  But it is also a wonderfully human narrative and a sharply argued critique – the wit and wisdom of one inmate who turns out to be a born writer.  I was gripped from start to finish – roared with laughter one minute, winced with pain the next, and was left wondering why we have prisons at all.”

Over the moon with the meeting yesterday with director of Waterside Press Bryan Gibson confirmed publisher for The Little Book of Prison. Bryan and I have agreed to publishing the LBP in  February 2012. Thank you Bryan for your passion, vision and enthusiasm I am delighted with the confidence you have put in LBP. With over 20 years experience and over 200 successful titles I am positive you will do LBP proud.

If I wasn’t busy before I am in overdrive now with so many organisations agreeing to help promote LBP but wanting to wait for a confirmed publishing date. My thanks to all of you who have been supporting me so far, I am grateful for your help and will be back in touch to confirm the launch article for your February editions.

Speak to you all very soon