BBC World Service interview The Little Book of Prison

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whisked from home to the BBC studio at Gun Warf Portsmouth christmas traffic was chaos, the radio in the cab was playing Blow the House Down’s  “living in a box” well that’s definitely part of The Little Book of Prison the cell is so small that when you turn the light off your already in bed before it goes dark!!

Had to sprint to the studio just made it in time. Christine met me at the door and we settled in to the live link to BBC Bush House.

Sinita was excellent put me at ease and the interview was flowing well when the fire alarm went off…great…nothing is ever simple in my world FACT!! Well it turned out that someone had set fire to a menu in the one of the restaurants below. I dont blame them you can’t get a decent meal in Gun Warf and you all know the Christmas Party Menus are the same old fayre.

Thank you to Christine, Sara and Sinita for making it an absolute pleasure to be interviewed heres the link it starts 17mins 22 seconds in enjoy



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