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It was a pleasure to meet Erwin James of The Guardian newspaper while at the English Pen Conference at the Free World Centre. A great venue full of organisations doing great work to help people within and across the justice system from all perspectives.

I had read one of Erwin’s books while I was inside and delighted that he liked mine as much as I liked his. My favorite comment from Erwin was

“No-one has ever done this before, it is something very special”

You can read the article here

If not its in the Guardian newspaper tomorrow hope you like it.


Its amazing how these things come together they do say the harder you work the luckier you get well look out Bristol here we come on Tuesday 21st February.

I will be visiting the Howard League Student group at Bristol University in the morning sharing the experience of writing the book and the RSA article about Writing in Prison.

Then onto Hydra Books who have invited me to do a book signing from 4pm until 7pm it will be great to meet with Bristolians and sign copies of the book heres how to find us

My thanks to Vicki at BBC Radio Bristol for giving me the chance to talk to her listeners about LBP and the events on the 21st. My thanks also to Sally at Bristol Creatives for listing the event at Hydra Books on there website

Thank you Bristol really looking forward to the day.