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Posted: March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well the official publish date was 20th Feb so its been around for 13 days now, its like having a 4th child . It is always with me and is selling in all sorts of interesting places, the last copy on the train heading to Chichester.

Here’s the latest review

This review is from: The Little Book of Prison: A Beginners Guide (Paperback)

For anyone who reads the red tops and believes their assertion that prison is like a holiday camp, this book is a definite eye-opener – all the televisions and games consoles in the world cannot take the place of freedom. It’s a practical guide to the etiquette of day to day life, from the necessities (tobacco, to trade even if you don’t smoke) to which prison job to aim for. The book is terrifically written; witty, thought provoking and sometimes painfully honest, it is full of laugh out moments interspersed with genuine pathos. Though I hope to never have to use the LBP as a reference text, it should be the first request for anyone unlucky enough to enter the system. A real winner.

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