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I had the official London Launch of the book a few weeks ago, The Westminster Foundation and Koestler Trust did us proud. During the Q&A one question asked “How can we get the book into the hands of first time offenders?” Funny thing was I had been at HMP Brixton that morning doing an interview for National Prison Radio talking about the book.

I have been working hard to spread the message of The Little Book of Prison before the publish date the support was more than I could of hoped for and continues with the Walking for Forgiveness project

Inside Times ran several articles about the book and I had also worked with Sue Wilkinson at Prison Library Journal to run an article about the book a month before it hit the shelves. All of this helped Prisoners who were already in the system but not the ones that were heading for a prison sentence.

Since the book has been out there I have received tweets and emails from YOT and Probation staff saying how much they have enjoyed the book and how useful it is for their service users. This feedback has lead to me contacting 35 Probation Trusts and 160 Youth Offender Teams through out the UK  introducing the book and offering to deliver the University Guest Lecture to their teams.

You can hear the lecture here

I am delighted to say the first few bookings are being confirmed now and as part of the walk schedule starting in September. If you work in the sector please feel free to pass on this link to your line manager and together lets help as many people as we can, and maybe prevent some from going into the system.

Thank You and look forward to working with you.