It must of took all of 5 seconds to decide to accept the invitation from The Howard League Student Group housed at Birmingham City University I love Birmingham its a great city. I lived there for 2 years after studying my first degree and the people are fantastic and the sense of humour is on a par with the Pompey boys I have great friends from my time there.

I will be talking to 150 criminology students about the book and the RSA article about the benefits of writing in prison and anything else they wish to know about my time in the system.

My thanks to David Wilson at BCU and Sophie for bringing it all together I am looking forward to the event Wednesday 29th Febriuary and look forward to meeting each and every one of you.


6.30pm, Wednesday 8 February

Venue: Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3GA

There’s a literacy crisis in the UK prison system and we need to do something about it. At the event we’ll be asking what role literature can play in our criminal justice system: What’s being done? What more can we do? Focusing on practical steps forward with a panel of leading experts and writers, this special English PEN action event is for everyone concerned with literature and justice and will involve people from across the charity and prison sectors

The details are on the link

Look forward to seeing you there.

Well the Little Book of Prison A Beginners Guide momentum is moving forwards so fast its like I’m holding on for dear life to a runaway train.

After being a prisoner and losing everything including my mind I leapt on the opportunity to write this article, a huge thank you to Liz and Charlotte for helping me put this together its an amazing magazine talking about Mental Health head on, please let me know what you think

Happy New Year here’s to a successful 2012 to one and all.

I felt a huge sense of pride completing another thought-provoking article this time for the RSA. It took me a few attempts to be finally happy with this but I think the stronger I feel about a subject the more critical I am to produce something that gives the maximum message impact (if you know what I mean).  Thank you to Rachel O’Brien for helping me to shape this article and get it published please let me know what you think here’s the article link below

Whisked from home to the BBC studio at Gun Warf Portsmouth christmas traffic was chaos, the radio in the cab was playing Blow the House Down’s  “living in a box” well that’s definitely part of The Little Book of Prison the cell is so small that when you turn the light off your already in bed before it goes dark!!

Had to sprint to the studio just made it in time. Christine met me at the door and we settled in to the live link to BBC Bush House.

Sinita was excellent put me at ease and the interview was flowing well when the fire alarm went off…great…nothing is ever simple in my world FACT!! Well it turned out that someone had set fire to a menu in the one of the restaurants below. I dont blame them you can’t get a decent meal in Gun Warf and you all know the Christmas Party Menus are the same old fayre.

Thank you to Christine, Sara and Sinita for making it an absolute pleasure to be interviewed heres the link it starts 17mins 22 seconds in enjoy


Thank you to Laura Ancell at Radio Solent for being gentle on me unlike the icy winds on a bench at Gun Warf Portsmouth it was freezing…..I did ask if we could get into the studio there but no chance. Maybe they figured that I’d rather be outside in the open space than in a tiny room…possibly right there Laura.

Well it goes out on Friday 9th December at 11.40am and 5.10pm so sit back and enjoy shame I couldn’t talk more 3 minutes dosen’t seem enough time to get into the conversation before its over a verbal version of Twitter…I’m still finding my feet with that also as you might have noticed.

To listen to the interview just click on the link below it starts 2.07.15secs into the show after meatloaf 2 out of 3 aint bad tune
Afterwards he plays born free!!!

I love getting published…….it’s always a buzz when you have found the right contact sent the details played telephone tennis and sent everything across…..and then it goes dead for two weeks and you think “Shit I’ve blown it”

Even then  I’m relentless and unless I’m told NO GOOD  from the horse’s mouth I assume the email has got lost or the contact has been hit by a bus whilst suffering a severe man flu,  never that they don’t want to publish

Huffington Post was nothing like that of course silky smooth from unsolicited email to joining the Huffington Blog team thanks for bringing me into the fold Luke your a legend here’s the link